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     Troyan (population 26 541 citizens) is located 60 km east of Teteven, 180 km northeast of Sofia and 70 km south of Pleven. Settled on the splendid terraces along the river Beli Osam, Troyan is a town with opulent history. The ancient Roman road Via Trayana linking the Danube River with the Aegean Sea crossed the Balkan Range and gave its name to the settlement which grew up much later.
     Although Troyan was proclaimed a town in 1868, the history of the settlement dates back to the Antiquity. The origin of today’s settlement is thought to go back somewhere at the beginning of the 15th century, when after Bulgaria fell under Ottoman Rule, a lot of Bulgarian refugees settled down in this hard-to-reach and forested region. During the first half of 19th century crafts flourish - homespun tailoring, forge crafts, wood turnery, fur-dressing and jewellery.
     In 1911 the first electric light was switched on - Troyan was the third Bulgarian town (after Sofia and Plovdiv) that had been electrified before the First World War. In the 80's, the town of Troyan was recognized as an industrial centre, having won solid positions on the foreign markets in the sphere of the production of electric motors and electromotive devices, machine-tools, woolen textile, pharmaceuticals, waterproof plywood, and furniture. Troyan became world famous also for its pottery and plum brandy. 
     Troyan municipality disposes with splendid conditions for tourism. The territory of the municipality is in a good ecological condition and with the variety of landscape, flora and fauna, it provokes the interest of Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The suitable climate makes Troyan attractive during all seasons of the year. There are suitable conditions for: balneology (Shipkovo and Chiflik); skiing (Beklemeto), swimming and rowing (Shipkovo, Chiflik, Golyama Zhelyazna), tourist orientation, hiking and biking (the high parts of the Balkan Mountain), and also entertainment connected with artistic crafts and applied arts (Troyan, Oreshak - "National exhibition of artistic crafts and arts - Oreshak"). 
     In Oreshak, 7 km from Troyan, the National Arts and Crafts Exhibition displays works by craftsmen from all over the country. The main purpose of the exhibition is to show the distinctive features of the Bulgarian artistic genius in folk arts, and also to stimulate their development. A part of the exposition is a bazaar too. Demonstration and tasting of the famous Troyan plum brandy is organized upon a preliminary request.



     Museum of Traditional Crafts and Applied Arts has the best models of the art crafts. In the town  one can also see the church St. Paraskeva. Very interesting are the Turkish Town Hall, the town art gallery Serek’s House, the architectural ensembles on Vasil Levski Street, next to Marko’s bridges, and along Tsar Kaloyan Street, the house of Ivan Hadjiiski, Minko Nikolov, and of Dona Milina, Balev’s House, the old houses in Popishka neighbourhood, and Drianska neighbourhood.

     The cultural celebrations in May and in the autumn are traditional for the town. Their programm includes the achievements of local artists. During the autumn holidays there is a Celebration of the plum and the plum brandy with a lot of samplings and competitions for the participants. The celebration of St. Spiridon is also traditional for the town - patron of the craftsmen, which is held under the aegis of the Museum of national artistic crafts and applied arts in the Fair of crafts in Troyan. All craftsmen celebrate on this day in the whole country. The town's feast is 14 October - the day of St. Petka - Paraskeva, the holly patron of the town.



     There are regular bus and railway links with Sofia, Pleven, Lovech, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo and Plovdiv. The links with the smaller settlements are also good.

     Troyan Monastery is located at a distance of 10 km southeast of the town. The Museum of Natural Science is 12 km to the east from the town and 2 km south from Troyan Monastery. The National fair – exhibitions of people’s art crafts is in the village of Oreshak, 7 km east of the town. Beklemeto is a tourist resort complex at the distance of 20 km to the southwest from the town. There are many private country houses, country catering establishments and hotels. The village of Shipkovo is at 18 km distance to the west, on the road for Teteven. There is a balneotherapy resort with mineral swimming pools. In the region of Troyan is situated the National park Central Balkan, and 30 km to the northwest is Sopot Dam.