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     Dobrich is situated almost in the centre of the Dobrudzha Plateau - the grainery of Bulgaria, 50 km north from Varna. It was called Dobrich after the name of a former ruler - the bolyar Dobrotitsa. Some of the sights in Dobrich are the museum of Yordan Yovkov (famous Bulgarian writer), the ruins of a Middle Age settlement, the ancient necropolis, and a great number of monuments.  The town of Dobrich is the second largest economic centre in Northeastern Bulgaria. The municipality's territory encompasses the town of Dobrich and Riltsi District with a total area of 1705 hectares.


     The remains found by archaeologists testify that there was human presence on the territory of Dobrich in antiquity and early middle ages. The devastating Pecheneg invasions of the first third of the 9th century AD depopulated the interior of Dobrouja and the life in the settlements ceased for the whole period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

     In the 14th century, a new settlement came into being in this crossroad area (roads from the Danube River to the Black Sea and from Eastern Europe to the interior of the Balkan Peninsula passed through it). Its founder was the Turkish travelling merchant Hajioglou. In his honour and because of the important function of the town and the large food and livestock marketplace, it was named Hajioglou Pazarjik, which means "important marketplace" in Turkish. In the 17th-19th  century, the town developed as a crafts, commercial and agricultural centre. Its culture took shape, its church and educational work developed, girls' education was introduced. The town was liberated from the Ottoman oppression on January  27, 1878.

     The town's development during the first decades of the 20th century was influenced by the political vicissitudes resulting from the three consecutive wars which were led by Bulgaria. The town's feast is celebrated on 25th September, because on this date in 1940 the Rumanian occupation of South Dobrudza was ended and the Bulgarian army entered Dobrich. Now Dobrich is one of the ten largest towns in Bulgaria - am important cultural, economic and administrative centre in the northeast economic region of the country.