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     The town of Kalofer (3990 inhabitants, 600 m above sea-level) is situated along the banks of Tundzha River, between Stara Planina (Balkan Range) and Sredna Gora Mountain. Above it stands the highest peak in the Balkan Range – Botev. The town is located 158 km east of Sofia and 75 km north of Plovdiv. It is the birthplace of the great Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev.

     On this place there were once thick, impassable woods. To the west was the old town Zvanigrad. Due to the strong resistance, the Turks wiped out the town, but the proud defenders remained unconquered. A band of 40 heroes, led by Kalifer voivode (leader), roamed for a long time throughout the area. Turks were powerless to deal with the band and so the Sultan gave the voivode permission to settle in the woods. The haidouks kidnapped maids from Sopot, which were famous for their beauty, and that is how Kalofer originated.


     First of all, there is the Hristo Botev House-Museum. Close to the centre the school of the teacher Botyo Petkov can be visited. Further in this direction is the old Renaissnace church Holy Mother of God. Memorial stairs lead from downtown to the Memorial complex in the foot of the mountains, in the centre of which stands a granite statue of Hristo Botev. Other interesting sites in the town are: the stone bridges over Tundzha River from the Renaissance period, some of the old houses, Maiden Monastery, St. Atanas Church, rose-distillery factory and others. 

     The main road Sofia – Karlovo – Bourgas passes through the town. There are buses to Karlovo (each 30 minutes), Plovdiv and other small villages. The bus station is downtown. The railway station is 2,5 km south-east of the town and can be reached by bus.
     Surrounding Areas

     6 km north of Kalofer, Panitsite summer resort is situated. It has a lot of recreation facilities, mostly for children. It is a starting point for hiking in Kalofer Mountain. During the summer, twice a day, there is a bus from the town. Kalofer Nunnery can be found on the right bank of Byala River, about 6 km from the town. At the same distance one can find the holiday base Byala River. The upper part of Byala River has cut the fantastic canyon Dzhendema, declared a national reserve. Entering it is possible only with mountaineer equipment. You can get to the waterfall Raiskoto Praskalo only on foot – it is situated about 4 hours from the Panitsite summer resort. With its 124.5 m, it is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria.