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     The town of Kiten (1000 inhabitants) is situated at the south end of the bay of Primorsko and lies 56 km south of Bourgas, and 446 km south-east of Sofia. Located on a peninsula the village has tow beaches. The north beach, called Atliman with calm and clean sea is covered with fine golden sand and is protected from storms. The south beach is bigger and abuts the Kiten River, which is rich in fish. The season here starts from May and ends in October. The summer temperature of the air reaches +28°C and that of the sea water – + 26°C, but due to the vicinity of a forest you will not feel the summer heat.
     Kiten is not only a peninsula town girdled with beaches, but also a low-key, family-oriented (and almost exclusively Bulgarian) resort. Each newcomer to this lovely town is charmed by its mild climate, intact nature and sea and hospitable native people. Since the 1970's, Kiten has been developing as a attractive centre for many tourists.

     Settlers from Odrin Thracia established the village. But the historical roots of the settlement date back to ancient times. The evidence is the old amphora from 6th century BC, found at the South beach. Kiten is the successor of the fortress called Urdoviza situated on the cape itself. The Romans called the settlement Oroudiza. The town existed till the fall under the Turkish domination, and after that it was abandoned. One can still see ruins of the town lying on the cape. Re-established in 1931 by fugitives from Greece and immigrants from the surrounding villages, since 1970 Kiten has developed as an attractive centre for many tourists. 

     There is an adequate number of private lodgings, cozy hotels and rest houses on the beach of Kiten. To the South of the town are situated 5 camping sites: Kiten, Yug, Koral, Nestinarka, Arapia, which offer bungalows at comparatively low prices. 
     Catering and Amusements

     There are lots of small restaurants and snack bars that serve different food – Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian and Greek. The night bars and discos, the sport complex, swimming pools and the fun-fair in Kiten offer а variety of amusements. 
     There are regular bus lines from Sofia and Bourgas to Kiten throughout the year, as well as seasonal lines to the other villages in the area.