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     The famous resort Strelcha is situated in the south part of Sredna Gora Mountain. It is situated 475 m above the sea level. It is at a distance of 100 km from Sofia and 24 km south of Koprivshtitsa.

     Strelcha Rock Formations
     The huge granite peaks with strange silhouettes of castles and towers rise to the north and north-east of the town. The picturesque rocks are scattered in groups on seven grounds and are named – Grekinski Gyol, Goranitsa, Garvanov Kamak, Turchanov Kamak, Arabushka Polyana, Kiselitsata, Gabrovitsa. The formations are under the protection of Nature Preservation Act.



     Strelcha is one of the oldest and biggest settlements in the south part of Sredna Gora Mountain. The thermal mineral springs, the mild climate and good soils brought the men here long in the past.
     Archaeological researches in the area have shown a rich heritage from the Thracian period – over 300 grave mounds and a lot of gold and silver objects. In the area of Strelcha settlement is the unique Thracian cult complex Heroon - Zhaba Mogila, dating back to 5th century BC, with a tomb-mausoleum and sanctuary temple – first discoveries of art decoration on stone in relief. 



     The mediaeval fortress Strelcha Kale is located on the right bank of the river Strelchanska Luda Yana, Galata area, 2.5 km from the town. It has been built in the 9th century AD and has functioned till the 14th century AD. A part of its 8 meters protective walls have been preserved till nowadays.


     Tourism and recreation
     Strelcha is visited resort because of its agreeable climate, healing mineral springs, oil-yielding roses and rich archaeological heritage. There are few types of tourism, developed in the area:

     Cultural – tourists visit Strelcha Rock Formations, the Thracian tomb Heroon – Zhaba Mogila, and the mediaeval fortress Strelcha Kale. The local annual festivals during the Rose Festival provoke big interest.

     Balneological – the thermal mineral springs are helpful for a lot of diseases and the guests are using some of the hotels or the sanatorium.

     Tracking – the town is a starting point for tracking routes in Sashtinska Sredna Gora which lead to famous natural and historic landmarks, such as Panagyurishte, Koprivshtitsa, Hissar, Karlovo, Zhaba Mogila.