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Mogilanska Mound Treasure

     Mogilanska Mound in the centre of Vratsa is nowadays half destroyed and turned into kids’ playground. In the first half of XX century it was rising towards the sky in the yard of a residential house – just a hill. But archaeologists knew it was a funeral mound. In 1964-1965 they started excavations here. Three graves were discovered, one of them sacked in the antiquity, the other two perfectly preserved. Most interesting are the items from grave 2. A chariot was discovered along with two ritually killed horses that used to haul it. Behind it another horse skeleton was found – probably for the coachman of the chariot. Around it there were silver rein and silver applications. By the horse was laid a young woman – probably a servant, ritually killed to serve her master in the afterlife.

     On the western side of the grave, the archaeologists discovered a skeleton of young girl, 145-150 cm high. Her head was adorned with golden wreath garland resembling laurel – 205 grams of pure gold. On her ears were massive gold earrings, artfully decorated with figures of sphinxes. 47 more applications were discovered around here head – probably once those were attached to a veil over her head. In her left hand the girl held a mirror.

     By the woman’s remains a warrior was buried, fully armed.

     Most interesting of all the inventory in the grave was the silver grieve called knemis.

     Larger part of the artifacts discovered can be seen in the Regional History Museum in Vratsa.

Mogilanska Mound