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     Area and Location

     Borovets, the first and most famous Bulgarian mountain resort, is situated on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain at an altitude of 1350 meters. The resort enjoys a perfect location right at the foot of Mount Moussala (2925 m), the highest peak on the Balkans. Only 72 km away from Sofia and just 126 km away from Plovdiv, Borovets is easily accessible from all parts of Bulgaria. Around 1.5 meters of snow is practically guaranteed between November and April, with 23 ski runs (including the longest one in Bulgaria) and 4 cross country trails. In the summer Borovets is just as marvelous as it is in the winter. It offers clean and fresh air, serene centuries-old pine forests, green meadows sprinkled with fragrant flowers and herbs, blue lakes and majestic snow-capped peaks. For nature-lovers the resort is a favorite holiday spot and starting point of many hiking routs in the Rila Mountains. And when the sun has gone down, the resort begins to pulse with the numerous lights of the nightlife. 

     There is a regular bus line from Sofia to Samokov, which is the nearest town to the Borovets ski resort (10 km), starting from "Avtogara Yug" (South Bus Station). Then by bus, minibus or taxi, one can quickly reach the resort from Samokov.

     Skiing Conditions
     Over 45 km of ski runs varying in difficulty grouped in 3 regions: Sitnyakovo, Markoudjik and Yastrebets. The slopes and runs are maintained in perfect condition and are designed with international markings and multilingual signs. Borovets has ten ski rental services, situated next to the lift station around the ski runs. They offer 7000 sets of skiing equipment from world famous companies, as well as toboggans, sledges, etc. Skiers can also leave their own equipment for safekeeping there. The cabin cableway to the peak of Yastrebets is the most imposing one. Its capacity adds up to 1200 people per hour. The journey takes 23 min. Hiking trails may be undertaken from Borovets along marked routes to various sites in Rila – for example it takes about 6 hours to reach Moussala peak.
     All ski runs are divided according to their level of difficulty and they can satisfy any skill level - beginners, intermediate or advanced skiers. The 4 Sitnyakovo runs are the longest. The one with "medium" level of difficulty is 5800 m long. The other 3 runs are "difficult" and are long respectively 4000 m, 4000 m and 1000 m. Martinovi Baraki ski-runs are 4, too. The one with highest level of difficulty is called "Martinovi Baraki 4" and is 1240 m long. The other 3 pistes are respectively 1160 m, 1160 m and 1260 m, all of them are "difficult" and "medium difficult". The ski runs in Yastrebets are 3. They are 2300 m, 3000 m and 2350 m long. The highest ski runs in the mountain are Markougjika, total 4 runs. Each of them is about 1300 m long.
     Night skiing is available opposite the Rila Hotel every day from 5 pm to 10 pm. Beginners can enjoy a high standard of English speaking instruction and gentle nursery slopes, just beside the Rila Hotel. Instruction is 4 hours per day, 6 days a week (2 hours a day for cross country). Beginners start the week on the nursery slopes outside the Hotel Rila but by the end of the week everyone is heading for the gondola lift and the more challenging runs at the top of Yastrebets. The best ski run for absolute beginners is Sitnyakovo 1 (5800 m).
     The well-planned lift system includes the 5 km, 6-person Yastrebets gondola lift, which opens up a wealth of enjoyable runs, ranging from wide sunny boulevards in Moussala basin, to scenic looping trails through the trees. From the gondola taking you to the top you can try the longest downhill run in Bulgaria, as well as some great skiing on the slopes of the wind-free basin underneath Moussala Peak.
     Advanced skiers and experts can enjoy the black runs of Markujik 2 and 3. Also the testing World Cup run, one of the more challenging pistes on the Yastrebets area or the excellent skiing through the trees and off-piste.
     Borovets ski centre is serviced by well organized lift system, inclusive Gondola lift. 14 snow cannons for artificial snow are installed to guarantee the snow cover if needed. The Borovets ski school has been known as one of the best in Bulgaria.

     Emergency Service
    The Mountain Rescue Service provides a round-the-clock emergency service. It is organized in four teams fully equipped with all the necessary equipment including helicopter if needed. Ski Patrol is based at the first station of the cable lift.

     Toboggans, swimming pools, saunas, fitness, billiard, table tennis, bowling, and much more - a trip with a sledge, a ski view with a helicopter, etc. are available for your leisure pleasure. The Bulgarian folklore evenings are an exclusive attraction you must not miss, featuring folk rhythms and dances, while tasting native Bulgarian cuisine and world famous Bulgarian wines that will surely make you their fan for lifetime. Another choice is to visit a Bulgarian family and taste the local specialties in a genuine environment.
     Borovets also offers a larger choice of night-life opportunities with its many night clubs, bars and discos, ski carnivals which are real fiestas for the guests of the resort. Borovets offers scores of scenic routes, including many ski-routes, in groups leaded by experienced guides. The organized trips lead to picturesque spots in Rila Mountain like the Seven Rila lakes, Malyovitsa Peak, Moussala Peak, etc. Various trips to different tourist attractions throughout Bulgaria are offered as well. Trips to Melnik with its unique pyramids and famous wines, to Sofia, Plovdiv and Rila Monastery are among the most interesting ones.