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Aqua Park Sunny Beach

     The genuine aquapark is located on an area of 24 000 m2 in the western part of Sunny Beach Resort. The Action Aquapark is the most amusing, inspiring and emotional location on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. A world of adventures, games and extreme experience await every visitor here. The Action Aquapark offers water attractions for each taste and age. Thirteen water attractions, several cocktail bars offering fresh drinks, and restaurants where you can try tempting culinary specialities, are located amidst the wide grass areas.


     Services & Amenities
· First aid provided by a team of high qualified physicians;
· Insurance of every visitor is included in the ticket price;
· Money Exchange;
· Lost or found Bureau; 
· Child Security Services; 
· A shop for telephone cards and accessories; 
· A Souvenir Shop; 
· A shop for Photo cameras and accessories; 
· Locker-rooms; 
· Parking lot – free of charge parking lot at the entrance of the aquapark for the convenience of the visitors coming with their own cars. 


Action Aquapark offers perfect opportunities for day and night events for children and adults:
· Children birthday parties and entertainments;
· Company parties and team building. The summer season offers abundant options to combine work with pleasure.
· Promotions; 
· Disco, karaoke and various amusements for children and adults.
     Extreme Attractions
     Kamikadze - 4 very high slides for individual sliding where a high speed, in complete safety however, may be reached.
     Twister - 2 indoor slides, twisted around each other, for individual sliding. The experience, starting as a smooth sliding, will take you into an experience that will turn at 360º your view of the world.


     For Family and Friends

     Niagara offers a fast straight direction sliding, without turns, and sliding is in a rubber rafts for one or two persons. The unique feeling is that you may share the experience with somebody. Sliding down Niagara at a high speed amidst water, laughing and shouting remains an unforgettable experience. 
     Black Hole
     For those who seek emotions never experienced before. Indoor slide, which offers a shared experience for two persons. Great sensation in a two-seat rubber raft in a dark tunnel. The tunnel is equipped with lights and special sound effect for great experience. Black Hole is attractive and unique.
     Crazy River
     Rafting in a one- or two-seat raft down the classic slide with many turns and banks. Your skills to control the raft will make the feeling different every time. Crazy River is among the most preferred slides. The attraction is suitable for persons of all ages.
     Special computer modelled indoor slide, offering maximum entertainment and safety for the people. The individual sliding gives you unforgettable emotions at a moderate speed and great pleasure.
     Mega slide
     Mega Slide is the classic model of twisting and interweaving slide, taking you at an increasing or decreasing speed. The sliding is in a one- or two-seated rubber raft.

     Kids Only
      Kids Playground
     Part of a pirate ship will loose the children’s fantasy, and the animators will look after their safety while the children are swinging or playing run-and-hide among the various toys.
     Kids Pool
     Children’s Pool is specially designed for the youngest visitors. Although the low depth of water, lifeguards will look after the safety of the children. Small-scale slides are constructed on a part of the wrecked pirate ship in the pool, resembling the adult ones. The slides do not exceed 2 m.
     Water Castle
     In the middle of the Children’s Pool there is a marvellous water castle, having various forms and shapes – towers, bridges and roads. Water is spraying from everywhere and there are many waterfalls. The children are very happy to play in the castle. Around the castle one may found two lazy turtles and a real-size alligator for additional experience. 
     When you take breath...

      Lazy River 
     The very name suggests that you will pass the 300 m current on a rubber raft under the shining sun, relaxing from the emotions of the slides. Now, you may have a look at a part of the park while sailing down the stream.
     Wave Pool
     The only Wave Pool at the Bulgarian seaside. The waves are high as much as 1 m and will give you the feeling you are being carried by a slight sea breeze near the choppy sea. The feeling of being on a rubber raft, rocked by the waves is really exciting. 
     Adult Pool
     If you want to dive or just swim, or relax in the Jacuzzi, where you will surely forget your everyday concerns.
     Places to Eat

     Action Aquapark offers various places to eat. If you need to get some rest and good service, you may go to the Aquapark Restaurant, where you may find various culinary specialities – from light starters to delicious meals and BBQ.
     If you are short of time and do not want to leave emotions even for a while, you may take the chance to visit the Fast Food Restaurant, where you can find anything - from small breakfasts to pizzas.
     All day long you may enjoy the many cooling ice-creams at the Ice-cream House. Here you can select and combine whatever you want to try. The four bars are there for you offering the most extravagant cocktails, the most cooling drinks and attractive service.